Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2 too many - appalling experience in Serangoon road

It really tells a lot to actually witness 2 similar incidents within a few minutes of the bullying behavior happening among the chinese shop owners in Serangoon road.

My friend and i have gone to Serangoon road a few days ago to get some groceries. whilst we were walking through some of the little lanes within little India, i was appalled to see first, a chinese shop keeper treating some of his customers (many are Indians) rudely. He would from time to time, stop his Indian customers from looking and touching his merchandises. Sometimes even chasing them away from standing in front of his shop. I was just wondering, how the hell would anyone buy if we are not given the opportunity to have a closer look at the product before any purchase?

Within minutes, in front of another shop, i was even more surprised to witness how a chinese middle age man cycled toward a group of Indian customers who were standing in front of a shop waiting to be served. It was obvious that the chinese man deliberately steered his bike directly toward the Indian customers and the horrifying part was the chinese man started verbally abusing the Indian customers; "Why are you standing here, get lost!" Soon after those Indian customers walked away quietly.

Such treatment obviously by the local (chinese) toward i believe foreign Indian workers is appalling and unacceptable. I am not sure if these shop owners realise that their existence and continuing their business in Little India actually rely a lot on the Indian foreign workers' patronage. Yet, it is absolutely uncalled for, for these chinese shop owners to behave and treat their customers in such a manner.

I mean, witnessing 2 such similar events within such a short time frame do make me believe that it has probably become a norm among these chinese shop owners to behave that way toward the foreign Indian workers. Foreign workers are humans too, why cant they be treated with similar respect and dignity like others?

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