Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another example and illustration of fascist racism

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The above sign was found in Little India, next to Mustafa Centre. A similar sign was replaced with this particular sign quite recently. However, the content remains relatively unchanged. The main point and focus written on the sign is to tell people that it was the chinese who first settled in Syed Alwi Road (huh? what rubbish) and described their lives in this street.

Why would the street be named in Malay If the first settlers are the chinese (which the sign has claimed)? Did the chinese then speak and write Malay? Then the question is who taught them the language? Confucius? or Stamford Raffles? Also, what kind of message are they (i believe its the tourism board) trying to send to those who read the sign (which i believe, are the tourists)? Are they trying to change history and imply that though Little India is predominantly an Indian community estate, it was the chinese who were the first settlers and owns the shops and allow the Indians to later settle and run their business there now; therefore, showing how benevolent the chinese are despite one seeing more Indians in the estate, it’s still predominantly a chinese country? I really wonder its intention for putting up such utter misinformation.

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