Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is this a good start for 2010 (promoting multiculturalism)

I was quite surprised when i received this invitation card to view this year's countdown, to be held at Marina Bay. Firstly, it wasn't the usual way in which the organiser/s would choose to portray Singapore's ethnic representation in such major event. In fact, most of the time, what have been portrayed were chinese only or chinese as a more significant or prominant ethnic group appearing in these promotion materials for such major events; sometimes, such unintentional or otherwise 'practice' can be manifested in other forms like the inclusion of only English and Mandarin texts and the omission of Malay and Tamil texts.

Singapore takes pride to claim that it is a multi-racial and multi-cultural society, which treats every ethnic group equally and fairly without discrimination. Yet, so often there are many occasions and instances which it has shown otherwise. (why there's only 'speak the mandarin campaign' and not other language? Is there an equal or proportionate ethnic representation in the media or in other fields at all levels/positions? what's the fuss about getting all chinese to learn chinese language at their own pace and managable level? why showing only chinese text with english in some of the public signs eg. road signs?...etc)

If Singapore is serious about what she claims to be, a multi-racial and multi-cultural society then she has to take a more 'inclusive' approach in everything she does and to provide fair and equal opportunity for all the ethnic groups.

Well, hope 2010 would be a more enlightened year and more effort put in to show what true multiculurism is.

Enventually, perhaps Singapore would soon see a 'non-chinese' PM.

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